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So, what is KitPest all about?

We are all total kit nerds. We’ve got more kit than Imelda Marcos had shoes. Between us we have a huge knowledge base about kit designs, materials and construction techniques. Not only that we are a mix of Serving Soldiers, Veterans, Outdoorsmen, and Security Contractors. So, we thought the best way we could use that knowledge and experience is to talk about the kit we use and to give our opinions on other kit we come across.
Decent kit, for whatever use, isn’t cheap. So why not make an informed choice? Read through our in-depth reviews and gen up on what you’re buying before you push the button!

KitPest is about more than just the kit though. We want to give you content that educates, motivates and inspires you to make positive changes in your life. Whether it is through new ideas to keep you interested in improving your fitness, content that makes you think, information that helps you improve your skills or even recipes that help you be the BBQ master, KitPest aspires to be somewhere that is a one stop shop for you.

Any businesses you see advertised on our site are vetted by KitPest and are added to our list of Gen Businesses because they are excellent at what they do and go the extra mile for their customers. You cannot pay to be a Gen Business, it is by invite only. So check them out!

Meet The Reviewers

Sam “Longshanks” Watt

Sam 'Longshanks' Watt is a reviewer and the voice of reason for KitPest. He has 13 years of experience in a Regular Infantry Battalion and has conducted operational tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

When not living in holes in the ground he enjoys all manner of country pursuits. Because who really wants to be clean and dry?

Thomas Roke

Thomas Roke is the world's largest Italian and also one of KitPest's reviewers. A long time outdoor enthusiast, he quit a PhD in military history to join the army. After 18 months as a Full-Time Reserve Infantry Officer he joined the Regulars and for his sins is staying Infantry. His desire to be the best he possibly can at his job has led to many, sometimes successful, kit experiments.
He enjoys shooting, spearfishing, skiing, hiking, rugby and spending money on things he doesn't actually need.

Rob Quinn

Originally from the North-East of Scotland but now living in England. When not busy welding, drinking whiskey or doing an unnecessary amount of cardio I find myself either on some form of firearms course or adrenaline fuelled activity.
My previous experience of Firearms and military kit comes not only from a stint in the Infantry which was cut short due to a medical discharge but from Hunting, various Security Courses and growing up around squaddies also.

"Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge

Gorgeous Jim is a Gentleman Soldier of impeccable vintage. He's been around since Centurion was a rank not a tank, and brings a huge amount of experience to the team. He is the biggest KitPest of us all, with a keen eye for up and coming brands and really cool items of new gear.

Callum Bickerton

The self-styled "world’s okayest Lance-Jack Callum, is a reviewer for KitPest reviews and dabbles in other social media ventures including a gaming channel. With 9 years’ experience in the regular and reserve forces including one operational tour. He currently serves in the ISTAR world and is an avid student of military history and is currently pursuing a degree in that subject through the army.

Dean O’ Toole

KitPest’s resident web ninja. Dean was Port and Maritime, but we don’t hold it against him! He specialises in websites for Veteran Start-ups. You can see the quality of his work, you’re looking at it now. Hit him up for any of your web needs!


Coops is the man behind Cooper’s Kit Corner and the biggest KitPest of the lot of us. Serving since Centurion was a Rank not a Tank he’s seen it all! Coops is also our resident tree-dweller, so if you’ve got any aspirations to start hammocking, hit him up. After all, as Coops says “anyone can live like an animal”!

Ben O’Toole

Ben served for 15 years in the Infantry and RAMC. After the Army, he worked in an intelligence role as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that he went into the city to work as a consultant for a Crisis Response Company dealing with kidnaps and evacuating people from all the shitty places in the world when it all goes wrong. He now has his own Resilience Consultancy.
Ben is a keen outdoorsman, has also had his own martial arts school and is an Explorer Scout Leader, as well as being a total KitPest!

Stuart Lowe

Stuart is a former Royal Marine and possible the fittest man you'll ever meet. For his day job he owns the Punisher Kickboxing Academy in Glasgow which is home to a current world champion, trained by Stuart. His other passion is bushcraft. Stuart is the face of the Outdoor Basics Bushcraft channel on YouTube. Fortunately for us he is also a desperate KitPest! We will be posting Stuart's content from Outdoor Basics to look at skills and gear from a bushcraft and survival point of view.