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British Tactical – Lidded Utility Pouch


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Some background first…

When MOLLE first became the ‘in’ thing I bought a Dixie’s corner belt rig.

I thought it was the coolest thing on the market.

However, in hindsight all I had done was to buy a MOLLE belt kit that recreates everything I had on my issue tissue belt!

I ended up with the standard two three magazine pouches and four utility pouches.

But as it was Multicam in pattern and Temperate DPM was still in I thought I looked ally as humanly possible and OAF to boot.

Onto the review

Ever since those early days of using MOLLE kit I have been trying to use as little real estate as possible on my battle belt.

Now, some of you would argue that I should get myself a gunfighters belt and carry the absolute bare minimum, I somewhat agree.

However, I am not in a front-line, Direct Close Combat unit.

In my cap badge the idea of fight light is as incomprehensible to them as quantum physics is to me.

So I am using a battle belt in as much of a generic way as possible.

As a solution to the excess of pouches on my belt I chose a horizontal lidded utility pouch from British Tactical.

I wanted it to carry only the bare essentials and avoid giving in to the temptation of adding more MOLLE pouches.

From what I saw on the British Tactical website this pouch fitted all my needs as I perceived them at the time.

I digress

To add an aside about the ordering process as this is one onf the things that has made me a repeat customer with British tactical.

The website is pretty detailed, you are given a myriad of options from MOLLE on the outside to integration of a stealth admin pouch. These are all from the drop down menus.

Within five minutes of ordering I received call from British Tactical asking me if there was anything specific I wanted added to the pouch that wasn’t covered in the drop downs.

I, for one welcome this level of customer service as it assured me that we were both were singing off the same song sheet with regards to the product.

I couldn’t really get that level of customer service without driving across the country to their main HQ.


The pouch is amazingly well constructed, it is made from the real 1000D Crye Precision Multicam Cordura with Murdock woven Multicam webbing, not some iffy Multisham effort.

The Binding is to UK Mil Spec twill and all stitching is nylon bonded rot and mildew resistant thread.

I fixed the pouch to my battle belt and the MOLLE loops were a bit finicky but over all it’s well made.

There is a unique feature of using hook and loop to secure the webbing at the bottom instead of poppers or folding it back into the webbing loops.

The pouch itself is six columns wide, it well and truly suits your needs if you want less pouches but don’t want to sacrifice the amount you can carry.

One of my favorite, out of the many features is the use of the Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) buckles.

I personally find these are more user friendly to use than ITW nexus clips and buckles found on many other pouches I have used in the past.

I find them much easier to open with gloves or in low temperatures.

  • Width – 24cm
  • Height – 20.5cm
  • Depth – 9cm
  • Volume – 4.5ltrs

The volume of this pouch is in my opinion, the ‘Goldilocks’ amount of space, it’s just right, it’s enough carry all you really need.

I can fit my rations, spare 152 radio batteries and a bush hat in it with space to spare for anything else I could possibly need?

I try to keep as little as possible in this pouch. However if the need arose I could easily carry more kit do so with no problems whatsoever.

The option to add MOLLE to both the sides and top of the pouch thereby adding more modularity to the pouch is appreciated.

In order to carry a knife, I will be adding a Mad Jack Sheath to it, (another great product from British tactical and reviewed on these very pages)

In closing

I cannot stress how totally fantastic I believe this pouch is, the stitching and construction is second to none.

While this pouch doesn’t fit in with everyone’s personal or unit doctrine for load carriage, for me it’s the best pouch on the market.

It solves a multitude of my load carrying issues.

Following this link will take you to the basic, or vanilla pouch…


where you can choose whatever options your heart desires.


Cost: £££, with a starting price of £30.96 as standard it worth every penny. Costs do go up when you add more features to this pouch.

Value for money 1-5: 5, If like me, you’re looking to reduce the amount of pouches on your battle belt then this is your best solution.

Ease of Use 1- 5: 5, For a simple pouch it’s so easy a child soldier could use it.

Construction 1-5: 5,  This pouch is so bombproof, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to be till using it in 25 years time.

British Tactical offer a lifetime defect warranty which shows how confident they are that their products will last.

Professional photos lifted from the British Tactical site, the rest…well they’re Callum’s

This Kit Pest Review was written by our one and only Callum Bickerton-Green.

Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please leave a comment!