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British Tactical Side Pouches


Made by these people – http://www.britishtactical.com/

But this http://www.britishtactical.com/predator-sf-45ltr-side-pack-pouch/ – will take you straight to the pouch…


This, or more correctly, these may have been one of the first things that I bought from Dave Stewart and his team.  They are also the first thing(s) I ever had a lot of design input into, albeit Dave obviously had the majority…

In my personal opinion procurement actually got it right with the ‘Herrick’ Patrol pack, apart from the fact that in the best MOD tradition it was “fitted for, but not with, side pouches”

I considered using the issue DPM jet packs, but my mild OCD wouldn’t let me besides, in use it makes the patrol pack wider than it is tall, looking & feeling ungainly.

Numerous to-ing and fro-ing over the phone and by email Dave and myself came up with these little beauties.

I’ve had them for about five years now, in that time they’ve weathered all weekends (ok I know) that both Phase 1 and Officer Training in Scotland can throw at them, okay so they’re a little faded and worn but still going strong.

The Herrick pack wasn’t quite big enough for my needs and as mentioned above the jet packs were just a no no.

This pouch was created to fulfil my needs.


The pouch is approximately 7 litres but with all sorts of optional extras such as internal sleeves on the front and rear and external mesh pockets.

You can quite easily fit your basha kit complete in it, including poles for hooped bivvys or solo tents.

I know it’s poor taste to quote yourself but…

I described it in a review on the British Tactical website as a TARDIS, that description stands.

Made of the standard, from British Tactical, UK & US Spec Crye Multicam 1000D (it is available in other colours). It’s all laser cut which means there is no loose threads from the materials and the seams are all bound internally with rot proof thread.

A lifetime warranty on materials and manufacturing shows that British Tactical have confidence in their product.


I like it, but then again, I did have a large part in its design, so that’s a given.

I do think it’s quite well thought out and if you take all the options you’ll find it extremely versatile.

One thing which is addressed is the four webbing loops on the exterior face line up with the compression straps on the patrol pack to take in any slack and tighten the load up.

Those of you with the Action Man patented ‘eagle eyes’ will notice that the picture above shows that the pouch doesn’t go all away across the PALS…the production model corrected this error…

All pictures from the British Tactical website…

In Summary

If you’re looking for a sleeker, slimline look to your patrol pack or any daysack with PALS, then you’ll not go far wrong getting a pair of these.

Although the standard is five columns wide British Tactical will, as a result of a phone call or pm, make to suit wider, or narrower packs. They even offer the option, by request, of four columns wide on the same width so you can centre it if that floats your boat.


• Cost – ££££: £26.99 each, direct from British Tactical at the link above

• Value for money 1-5: 5 bear in mind this is subjective, you get a lot more than what you pay for, with scope for a basic pouch then the myriad of additional extras at an additional cost of course, but still a deal and if you buy a pair BritTac will give you a 10% discount.

• Ease of use 1-5: 3 & 5, only a 3 initially due to the amount of work needed to thread the PALS! After that a solid 5, once its set up and fitted it all makes sense.

• Construction 1-5: 5 UK and US Spec materials through-out, solid and British Tactical will stand by it with their lifetime warranty on manufacturing and material.

• Allyness 1-5: 3, They are only side pouches after all, no matter how good they are.

This Kit Pest Review was written by Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!


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