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British Tactical Universal Grenade Pouch


Made by these people…


Yeah, I know, another review of yet more British Tactical kit…I like British Tactical.
They’re my “go to” guys when it comes to belt kit, and for the want of a better word, standard pouches.

Using the word standard is doing Dave Stewart and his team a disservice, they don’t have a ‘standard’ pouch as such.

I’ve been in possession of two of these for only a matter of months so not much of a field-tested review more a first impression.

I had spare couple of columns of PALS on two of my belts, some disposable income and more worrying, time to spare.

As they say, “The devil makes work for idle hands” a few clicks later and two of the universal grenade pouches were on their way to me.


The pouch itself is two PALS columns wide by two/four PALS rows high, depending on how you count them.

It also has a height adjustable or removeable laser cut laminate lid.

Made of laser cut 1000D Cordura the pouch is available in various colours by request.

Mine are made in Crye Precisions Multicam with matching cord lock.

All the hardware and material used is to both UK & US mil spec, the thread is rotproof as well.

The tab on the lid has a positive tactile grip for wet, cold or stressful conditions, thanks to the two 6mm BB pellets sewn in.

There are only two internal seams, everything else is external and bound with the MOD spec dyed binding.

At the ‘open’ edge of the pouch they have done what I think is a nice touch and folded the cordura over and double stitched it.

There are bar tacks at all the usual stress points.

There is a drainage grommet in the base albeit slightly obscured by the attachment for the silencer kit.

The warranty, I’ve lifted directly from the British Tactical site;

“Brittac Ltd warrants all British Tactical products against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product from date of purchase.”


Universal by name, universal in nature.

Not only can it hold most types of issue grenades but 5.56mm magazines or small personal radios fit quite well.

There are a small number of additional bits available as well.

There is a silencer kit as mentioned available and a…securing tab shingle type CQB thingy to give it its technical name.

This is still in the development, so the finished article may vary from what I’ve shown

In Summary

Once again BritTac have produced a rugged adaptable pouch. Although it’s advertised as a grenade pouch we all know other things will fit.

The pouch will easily fit in a couple of spare columns of PALS on your belt, vest or armour.

The link which will take you straight to it… http://www.britishtactical.com/universal-smoke-pouch/

As I write this the CQB tab is not yet up on the BritTac site but will be soon.


• Cost – £££: £19.80 for the basic pouch, the extras are just that…extra.
• Value for money 1-5: 5, you always get more than what you pay for with BritTac stuff
• Ease of use 1-5: 4, very easy and versatile too especially with the additions.
• Construction 1-5: 5, can only be described as bombproof, the fabric is laser cut therefore heat sealed and won’t fray. The seams are internally stitched and external seams are bound.
• Allyness 1-5: 4, it’s not issued therefore Ally!

This Kit Pest Review was written by Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!