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Buy cheap, buy twice.


Picture it this way… A new guy, fresh out of training, has been with his/her unit for a few months and is considering getting some decent kit. He/she looks at the senior toms and his screws for a bit of inspiration as the kit they use comes through experience, on tour or on exercise.

One small problem. Upon hitting the unit, costs go up. You might have a car now, a new expensive TV and console to go in your ‘Z’ type wanking palace. Let’s not forget that drinking habit that you’ve picked up along with the twenty tabs you’ve started smoking out of sheer boredom outside the Company/Battery/Squadron lines.

– I’m not saying this has ever happened, but it’s probably happened.

So, funds are somewhat tight….

Usually, most Garrison towns will have a kit retailer on the high street. The one that seems to be everywhere is HM Supplies. This shop is kind of the ‘Marks and Spencer’ of military retailers. Great for a few odds and ends but you know you shouldn’t buy everything from it. I have bought kit from them in the past and although it does have some great stuff, such as their RA protractors and Garmin GPS’s etc. But to be frank I found the webbing pretty damn flimsy, furthermore they seem to have not embraced the MOLLE revolution and are somewhat behind on what other manufacturers make today. However there is a silver lining. The tailoring services most of the HM Supplies shops provide are pretty damn good. In the end, at least it’s not Webtex.

Another company who make kit that seems to turn up in most garrison towns is Disciple. The kit seems to be in every Drop Zone Supplies. Super websters and overpriced.

The cost of what it would take to buy a decent ‘fight light’ MOLLE battle belt out of Disciple products could get you a ton of decent Warrior Assault Systems kit. The MTP material used by them seems like the pattern was drawn in crayon by Johnny aged five. The stitching is poor as hell and looks like a poor sweatshop worker was forced to produce it wearing boxing gloves. I wouldn’t take disciple kit anywhere arduous in my lifetime. I also acknowledge that by writing this article I may have shot myself in the foot in regards to general relations but I owe it to anyone who reads this blog and follows my Instagram to only bring you something that will last you a lifetime when you buy it and won’t disintegrate on your insertion tab.
These are just my thoughts and of course you’re free to spend you hard earned beer tokens on whatever you like.

Just remember, the Army is the biggest catwalk there is and Gucci kit doesn’t make you a better soldier but it can be a start as well as it can deflect some shit off you. Oh and to that one bloke obsessed with issue tissue kit. Fuck off!

This Kit Pest Review article was written by Callum J Bickerton. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!