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Coffee, a squaddies mukka.


How do you make it in the field?

Everyone loves coffee right? Who doesn’t enjoy the morale boost it gives you when your chin strapped in some dump like Brecon or Lydd ranges. Despite the love of tea here in the UK and its rich history with the British army, I find it just doesn’t cut it for me.

When I was a teenager at college I used to work at a coffee shop in the high street and have since that day become an addict to the sweet nectar.

As my taste for coffee has progressed over the years, my ability to stomach Nescafé sachets has disappeared. Well, unless it’s an absolutely dire situation. On my last excercise I was vehicle mounted so I had the ability to carry a few extra items. I took my little Italian stove top boiler and a bag of Monsoon Malabar, because if you’re gonna have coffee, you might as well go all out.

Using the pan adapter for my Jetboil, my coffee maker slotted perfectly in place and in two minutes I had a cup that could keep me going ’till lunch. When I was on tour many years ago all that was available were the giant tins of Nescafé we stole from the FOB. Despite how dire this coffee was, drinking a hot coffee and sparking up a Marlboro gold was one of those little pleasures that make the tour a little more bearable.

Next payday I’m going get some of that Veteran made coffee from either Contact Coffee Co or maybe some from the guys at Black Rifle Coffee as those guys have the right idea about coffee. Plus, it’s always good to support veteran owned businesses.

Look out for a review on different methods of preparing your get-up-and-go juice very shortly!

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