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Direct Action – Mosquito Y Harness


Made by these people… https://eu.directactiongear.com/

Which is the European site as opposed to this… https://us.directactiongear.com/

which is the CONUS one.

Some background on the company.

Direct Action is based in Poland and they also have a presence in the US.

They first appeared at IWA way back in 2014, in Germany.

They could be considered the militant wing of Helikon – Tex, however they are Helikon-Tex’s independent clothing and gear brand.

An interesting snippet of information, their plate carriers, chest rigs and belt kits etc. are named after Allied WW2 aircraft, Spitfire, Tempest, Hurricane…you get the idea.

This, I believe is in homage to the Polish Pilots who joined the RAF and fought in World War Two.

Well I think it’s interesting and quite a nice touch.


Absolutely ages ago in the dim and distant past, so that could have been three years back I had a four point under armour yokes from the legendary Boris Borkowski.

Like a fool I lent it to one of my schools CCF as they needed a yoke for…reasons.

Suffice to say it disappeared into the ether and I’ve been searching in vain for a suitable lightweight replacement ever since all to no avail.

Until now that is.

Direct Action caught my eye, I cannot remember the reason now but I’m glad they did.

After some serious pesting I settled on ordering the Mosquito Y shape harness, which is listed as Suspenders, must be aimed at our Cousins over the pond.

Worth mentioning is that Direct Action has a rather nifty feature on their site that gives a revolving 360 ° view of most of their products.

It does also have a rather annoying automatic zoom feature as well though.

They also do nice line drawings to illustrate some of their stuff.

I debated with myself and as usual, I won.


The yoke/harness/suspenders arrived very nicely packaged, in a Ziploc bag inside a sturdy cardboard box.

The box has a secondary purpose, which is a clever idea…

…it can be re purposed as targetry due the printing on the reverse.

Anyway, enough about the packaging more on the yoke (I’m going to stick with that)

As you can see, it’s a four pointer and available in seven colour ways, three of which are camouflage patterns so there should be enough variety to suit most people’s needs.

It’s a very simple construction, the shoulder straps, the yoke part, are made of Cordura, the ‘tensioner’ webbing is the Murdock woven stuff.

For constant movement and changes in your back there is a section of 40mm MC elastic which has added reinforcement of a strip of 25mm Murdock webbing.

This strip of webbing goes a long way to prevent overstretch of the elastic portion.

You can see the similarities with Caleb’s Blast Belt Suspenders, below which was possibly Direct Action’s inspiration for the design.

Or, it just proves the adage that there’s no such thing as an original idea.


I like them, I was mildly concerned about how flimsy they seem but as, yet I’ve had no dramas with them.

As you can see, I’ve added the Low-Profile shoulder pads, from British Tactical,


As reviewed previously in here,


and here…


just to make my life a little more comfortable.

There’s a nice touch of a small logo laser etched into the upper surface to ‘claim’ the yoke as theirs as well as the usual label on the inner surface.

As you can see, they have bar tacked to death the stress points.

In Summary

They do what they say on the tin, they are very low profile. They will work well under armour due to the style and method of construction.

The ‘down’ straps are stitched on the upper surface of the shoulder piece.

Some people prefer a six-point yoke, others are happy with four, the spread of the two ‘kidney’ straps is enough to carry the weight of my belt.

This yoke would be a good addition to anyone who has kicked the arse out of their ‘Fight Light’ battle belt and put lots of pouches on it. If it’s not needed and you decide to remove it in the field it takes up very little space and has a total weight of 84g according to the website.

  • Cost – £££££: € 24:90 so it’s dependant on the exchange rate at the time…
  • Value for money 1-5: 5. It keeps my belt kit supported and is very low profile
  • Ease of use 1-5: 5, you only have four points of attachment so it’s hard to mess that up…
  • Construction 1-5: 4, it seems flimsy, but it is solidly constructed, the Cordura has been laser cut and therefore heat sealed.
  • Allyness 1-5: 4, it’s different, GROM use Direct Action’s kit and they are more ally than lots of ally things, not to mention they are as tough as woodpecker lips.

Again, a caveat, I don’t do ‘serious’ any more, I’m more in a DS role so things that work for me might not for you.

Lots of the photos are from the Direct Action Website and some are mine.

This Kit Pest Review was written by me, ‘Gorgeous’ Jim Shoebridge.

Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please feel free to leave a comment!


Edited to show correct price point.