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Double Deuce Firing Range


– A Dead Man’s Hand-

Double deuce is located in Walsall just outside Birmingham (UK for any non Brits). It is a 7 lane,  25 metre, indoor range for .22 subsonic rifles. They do a number of packages based around single or multiple firearms.  It is not a bring your own gun range, they supply the firearms.

They have a range of different types of rifle, 4 AR-15 types, an Uzi and an MP5.  It is worth noting that many firearms manufacturers produce .22 versions of their rifles to complement their larger calibre offerings as training rifles due to the low ammunition cost.  Rifle size and functionality is identical to the larger calibre rifles.  In fact for the AR-15 platforms the lowers are usually interchangeable.

On arrival after a metric ton of caffeine, not the smartest of ideas (but I shoot better caffeinated and with tobacco in my mouth) my buddy Chris and I entered the range.

Once we walked in we were made instantly welcome by all the staff. Double Deuce are very keen of safety, as you can imagine.  They make sure you are handling the firearms correctly and always have safety staff on hand.

The ammo as I said before are .22 subsonics, a nice little round.  Especially if you have never used firearms before you will love this. Experienced F.A.C shooters will be most likely be used to this round.

The range of firearms was really great.  We fired MP5, G36, HK 416, Colt M4, S&W M4 and ARX 160.

The only let down of the entire thing was optics and scopes. The red dots are cheap and cheerful and the scopes are Hawke, so air rifle grade which was a bit disappointing. The zeros were a mile off buuuut that didn’t bother me just adjust your point of aim and you are set. To me it was all about the fun aspect and trying new types of firearm.  If it was a competition I would be pissed off to say the least.

The targets were awesome.  They came in different varieties and were changed often so you weren’t shooting at a colander by the 3rd mag.

I have family in the USA so I often shoot and hunt over there, as well as competition shooting in the UK.  I can say from experience that this is a really fun little range.  The highlights for me  were the range of firearms and the quality of the staff.  It was a relaxed atmosphere, but gun safety was paramount at all times , you don’t want some dickhead blowing off his big toe now!

I WILL WARN YOU take extra cash because you will fly through the rounds when you are having fun!  A “5 Gun” package will cost you £90 and gets you 160 rounds.  Additional ammo can be purchased at £10 per 60 rounds.  Eye pro and ear defence are supplied by Double Deuce.

Check out Double Deuce’s website for more details.

This Kit Pest Review was written by Barry Weetman. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!