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Every Day Carry (EDC) Pack



After serving in the Parachute Regiment for over 30 years, I like to live by the Regimental motto of ‘Utrinque Paratus’ – Ready For Anything.

This applies not only to my work, but also to everyday life.

To this end I like to be prepared for any scenario.

I’ve been carrying a day sack with some basics in for many years, way before I discovered it had a name, i.e. Every Day Carry, or EDC.


It’s not packed for a specific activity, like a day in the hills etc., more as a civvie grab bag that I take everywhere.

I don’t use a ‘man bag’, as I’m not metrosexual enough, and I won’t use the word ‘loadout’, because I’m not an airsofter.

The Pack

The day sack I currently carry is a 5.11 Rapid Origin Pack. (5.11 Tactical Series Rapid Origin Backpack Casual Daypack, 50 cm, Black)

What I like about this pack is that it’s a relatively compact size (25 litres) and has lots of compartments to organise your gear, without it being overly complex (which is what I find with some 5.11 packs).

One of the unique points included is an internal mesh pocket for the carriage of a water bottle, ensuring a sports type bottle (something I always carry) doesn’t fall over inside and leak.

Another nice addition is a soft sunglasses pocket at the top of the pack.

It also features a padded laptop compartment, a hydration compartment separate from the main pack, two internal zipped organisation pockets, and an external zipped pocket with an organiser panel for pens etc.

The main compartment is accessed via a zip that opens all the way round the sides, making easy access to the contents, so it would be ideal for use as a med pack or comms pack.

It has four rows of PALS webbing on the back, and three rows on the sides, for adding extra MOLLE pouches if required.

The base of the pack is reinforced with heavier duty Cordura, and the back and shoulder straps are nicely padded for comfort.

Pack available here – 5.11 Tactical Series Rapid Origin Backpack Casual Daypack, 50 cm, Black

The Contents

In list form:

  1. A sports bottle that can be used one handed whilst driving or cycling. Fits nicely inside the internal water bottle pocket.
  2. First Aid Kit. A Life Venture Mountain First Aid Kit with the addition of a CAT tourniquet and Oropharyngeal Airway.
  3. A Petzl Tactikka head torch, mega handy in lots of scenarios. (Petzl TACTIKKA)
  4. Garmin Foretrex 401. Great little GPS in a nice wrist case made by Flimmuur Tactical. (Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS)
  5. Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook in a cover with pens, pencils and Lumocolors.(Rite in the Rain Spiral Notebook, Lumocolor Permanent Superfine Pens)
  6. Gatorz Wraptor sunglasses in Cerakote tan, close fitting and ideal for most activities, including BASE jumping and skydiving (and looking ally obviously).
  7. iPod and earphones. Essential for the gym and travelling.
  8. Kindle Fire. Loaded with lots of war books! Great for chilling out with under the stars or by the pool. (Fire 7 Tablet)
  9. Power pack and charging leads. A pre charged Pocket Juice power pack with apple lightning and mini USB cables for charging my phone, iPod and Kindle. (Anker PowerCore)
  10. Folding USB plug. For use with 9.
  11. Spare Batteries. AAA (head torch and GPS) and CR2430 (Suunto watch) batteries in a small Ortlieb waterproof bag.
  12. Tabasco. Because it’s the law. Fits nicely in one of the pockets in the organiser panel.
  13. Waterproof Jacket. Rab Downpour Plus waterproof jacket, very lightweight and compact, folds down into its own pocket. (Rab Men’s Downpour Shell Jacket)
  14. A Leatherman, mega handy for all sorts of reasons. (As reviewed by KitPest – Leatherman Wave Plus)
  15. USB Flash Drives. Two USB flash drives, ideal for quickly transferring files etc. (SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive)
  16. Baseball Cap. For protecting my swade from the sun or rain. (Ally Night Cam or Rhodie – TRC Outdoors Timmy Hat)

In summary

With this kit packed I can respond to emergencies, protect myself (to a degree) from adverse weather.

I can also ensure my electronic devices remain ready to use and keep myself occupied.

There is still plenty of room in the pack after packing all these items, so a warm jacket and gloves can easily be added for cold weather.

It can be compressed down using the side compression straps.

This Kit Pest article was written by the leg end that is  Tom Blakey  

Hopefully you’ve found it informative and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please  leave a comment!