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Goal Zero 10 Plus USB Power Pack


* Cost: ££££ (£43) (get it here – Goal Zero Guide 10 )
* Value for Money 5/5
* Ease of use 5/5
* Construction 4/5
* Alines 1/5

This is a handy piece of kit I’ve had for a while now. When I’m out on the ground I probably use this at least daily. Basically it’s a combination charger and recharger. It takes AA and AAA batteries. You can either use it to power any device which plugs into a USB port, or you can use it to charge rechargeable batteries.

I have made a concerted effort to ensure that, other than my phone and tablet, my electronics take either AA or AAA batteries to make replacing them easier when I’m in more remote areas. I usually carry a bunch of rechargeable batteries with me so I always have the ability to charge my electronics on the move. I can then re-charge the batteries whenever I get the opportunity.

It’s a really sold unit, despite being made from plastic. It’s fairly hefty considering that it’s just a bit bigger than a packet of fags, but that’s the weight of the batteries inside it. It does get pretty warm when it’s charging batteries or charging a device, but this apparently normal.

In terms of its capability it will happily recharge an IPhone in about an hour, which doesn’t quite drain the batteries in the unit. I have yet to test it on a Sat Phone as I don’t have one which will charge from a USB cable.

When it comes to using the unit to recharge batteries you can power it in a number of ways. You can plug it into a 12V socket in a car, if you have the correct adapter; you can use the mains, plug it into a computer USB port; or you can use one of Goal Zero’s solar panels. I have used all of the options bar the solar panel and it works really well. Don’t expect it to be a quick job, it will take several hours, but that’s the same for any battery charger.

To sum up, it’s a really handy little unit that you will use a lot more than you think. I am more than happy with mine and never go anywhere without it!

Get it here – Goal Zero Guide 10

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