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Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack


A couple of years ago I was in the market for a small “fight light “or “jack sack “.

In my mind I had two options;

The Tactical Tailor pack


The Grey Ghost Gear pack. (Grab it here – Grey Ghost Gear Light Weight Assault Pack)

After a few weeks deciding, and trying to work out the difference.

I went for the Grey Ghost Gear pack in PenCott Badlands, the reason being I like the camouflage pattern and as it’s a bit of RSM bait which gives it more ally points.

Let’s get to the technical stuff.


 The pack size is around 20lts, that’s slightly smaller than 2 rocket pouches.

It’s just big enough for wet and warm kit and a 354 radio. So it’s not a bag for extended ops or anything over 12 hours.

I used it in the States to carry a US radio and a couple of MREs when I was the the CO’s Rad Op on a company attack.

To be honest this pack has kinda became my go to pack. Although saying that I’m not as kinetic as used to be.

This is where it differs from the TT daysack, it has 2 antenna ports and that’s maybe why it costs a tenner more.

It also has a bladder pouch on the rear where I keep a small Camelbak

As you can see from the above is that there is not a lot of space for niceties, then again it is  only 2/3 the size of a Munro.

The shoulder straps can be stowed in the shown pouch and there are clips mounted on the top and sides so you can mount it on to body armour or the yoke of your webbing, if you wished to do so.

I personally have never done this as you must take your kit off to get in your bag.

Moving to the front of the pack there is a double zipped Velcro lined front pocket.

One of the few niggles I’ve got with the pack is that if you’re monging it and both zips are unzipped it quite easy to push stuff straight out of the opposite side,

I have nearly done exactly that a few times, and no one wants to lose their beef jerky at the FUP.

The pack is made from 500D Cordura so it will stand up to the abuse of an infantry soldier.

It has PALS/MOLLE loops on the front and sides if you feel the need to add more pouches.  It’s interesting to note that here they have used 19mm webbing to save weight.

In summary

A small day sack or “ Jack “ sack really makes you think of what you carry, as you can’t just carry it all. But they are just right for short ops and patrols.

The Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack meets all the requirements you want in a pack like this. It’s not too small and not too big,

I have only been caught out a few times with the size of the pack.

In cold weather or long patrols when you need to carry more you’re gonna need a bigger pack.

In saying that though, it has done me 80% of the time.

It’s very comfortable and top flaps like a dream.

It’s ideal for armoured troops, range days and urban ops.

If you’re on the lookout for a “jack sack “you won’t go wrong with this one. It hasn’t jacked on me yet.

Grab it here – Grey Ghost Gear Light Weight Assault Pack

Cost: ££  £100-ish, it is a little on the dear side.

Value for money: 1-5,  4 so far so good. It will last a long time and is of a very handy size.

Ease of use: 1-5, 5 it’s a basic day-sack, fairly idiot proof.

Construction: 1-5;  5 it’s bomb proof and despite the fact I’ve had it for five years, it  is showing hardly any wear.

Allyness: 1-5, 5 It’s a jack-sack from a cool named American company in a British civvy camouflage pattern

Editors Note:

This particular model is  no longer available, nor is this camouflage option.

They, Grey Ghost still make a version, the Mod 1 which doesn’t have the armour attachment points (linked).

This review was written by the legend that is Tom ‘Coops’ Cooper.

If you like what has been written and wish to comment then please do so in the comments section

All the photos are Coops own work.


  1. I too have this pack and love it to bits in the dry. How have you found yours in the wet Coops?
    I find the fabric holds but the zips let in a bucket load which then sloshed around the inside as there’s a lack of drainage holes. At least in mine, but it may be an earlier model being over 4 years now.

    • To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever got that piss wrapped whilst having this day sack. Yes you’re right there is no drainage holes, but if there was they would let water in through the bottom. I always try to have my kit waterproofed when I carry it in my kit anyway.

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