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Hard Case Compact Torch – Energizer


Available here – Energizer Hard Case Multi-Use Compact LED Torch

As someone who someone working in deep and dark places, I often find myself going “Ouch”, “What have I stood on now?” and “What the frack is that?”.

Unfortunately, repeated head bashing would mean that even my Petzl wouldn’t last all that long, coupled with the need to work with my hands rule out a handheld torch.

Fortunately, angled torches are still a thing.

In this case my options seemed limited to either expensive and bulky or cheap and nasty fake army torches.

Not happy with either of these I luckily stumbled upon someone selling a brand-new Energizer Torch and decided to give it a go.


First of all, when they say this thing is small, they meant it. It comfortably fits in my hand and will just about fit in the coin pocket of your jeans besides the lens poking out the top ensuring hands free operation whilst busy doing, say, late night bird watching or dogging, I guess.

I guarantee this torch will fit in any breast pocket or cargo pocket with much ease and the lack of size compared to most other torches will be both noticed and appreciated.

The clip it comes with has proved quite tough so far surviving many bumps, knocks and much dragging against walls.

Being a right-angled torch it really lends itself to being clipped onto things like pockets, belts, MOLLE or even harnesses.

A smart bit of design I quite like is not only is the clip itself able to rotate but it is also fitted with a couple magnets. These magnets obviously make the torch ideal for working around anything metal such as pipes or vehicles (You know, for the dogging).

As for durability, Energizer say it will withstand a drop from up to 7m high and that it is water resistant.

And whilst they don’t say if the 7m drop is onto a hard surface, from my own experience I have dropped it from about 5-6m onto a concrete floor and has been submerged in a foot of dirty water but still works fine.

Brightness wise it does leave a little to be desired being only 75 Lumens.

But for its compact size and being used mainly for working at close proximity in rooms or tunnels (or public toilets), I’d say 75 Lumens is more than sufficient and isn’t so demanding on the single AA battery especially considering most budget torches won’t be nearly as powerful even when using 3 AAA or 2 AA batteries.

With a run time maximum of 6 hours, it could possibly get you through a summer night (Are you dogging yet?) but I think if you need a torch to run continuously for 6 hours then this isn’t the one for you.


For what was initially a punt really turned out to be a great purchase.

It may not have the oomph as the bigger torches but 75 Lumens still isn’t something to turn your nose up at with it more than making up in its compact size, single battery and 6 hour run time.

It quickly went from something I thought wouldn’t last to being the main torch I carry for work, camping and many other outdoor activities.



Handy little torch that will impress you with its size, ruggedness and price.



Cost: ££££: £10.99 from Amazon including delivery. Get it here – Energizer Hard Case Multi-Use Compact LED Torch

Value for money 1-5: 5. A lot of bang for your buck and it is obviously made to last. But should you find yourself breaking it then you can get another for about the same price as a pack of fags. Oh, and did I mention Energizer are kind enough to chuck in a free AA battery with it?!

Ease of use 1-5: 5. It’s a bloody torch!

Construction 1-5: 5. Not much bad to say really. Seems to be made out of quality materials and anything that needs to be watertight is.

Allyness 1-5: 2. It kind of looks tactical being angled and tough looking but it’s still just a tiny little torch at the end of the day.

Grab it from here – Energizer Hard Case Multi-Use Compact LED Torch

This Kit Pest Review was written by Rob “Harley” Quin, whose personal life we all now know a little too much about.

Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!