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Horizon Laminate – Laminate Elastic 5.56mm Ammo Pouch (And TQ Pouch)


Found here… http://www.britishtactical.com/

Who is this new kid on the block?

For those of you who haven’t visited KitPest or Coopers Kit Corner in a while you’ll be unaware of Horizon Laminate.

Horizon Laminate, is the amalgamation of two outstanding British Companies, British Tactical and Flimmuur Tactical.

The new company melds the creative design mind that is Edward Lam, with the large scale capabilities of British Tactical.

In my opinion it was a ‘no brainer’ David Stewart at BritTac was branching out into the use of laminate.

As seen in some of the reviews here at KitPest and Edward Lam over at Flimmuur Tactical was well practiced in their use.

Both companies’ work has graced the pages of CKC but Ed, for some unfathomable reason has never had a review here on Kit Pest…

That, in a roundabout way is now going to change.


I have bought numerous small things off Ed including one of his Laminate single ammo pouches.

So, when I heard that these two companies were collaborating, I couldn’t wait.

After a long conversation with myself, I don’t know why I bother, I always win.

I purchased two items, to whit a single Laminate/elastic 5.56mm ammo pouch and a buckshee TQ pouch.

I was curious to see how the laminate stuff is going.

 Ammo Pouch

Found here…



Available in single, double or even triple the overall look is the same and looks are half the battle.

The aesthetics are the same for all the Horizon Laminate, HL, ammo pouches be it 9mm, 5.56mm or 7.62mm

Where does the laminate come into it? Well in this case its 500D Multicam cordura laminated to 1000D Coyote Brown.

When you first receive the pouch, it comes as an IKEA special – some assembly required, if needed.

The magazine is held firmly in place with the elastic, the CQB bungee is just there for peace of mind.

The PALS/MOLLE to the rear is designed in such a way that it takes up two columns and three rows on your kit, belt, armour, PC etc.

It also has the option to fit it to ‘normal’ belts of variable thickness.

Oh, and the new Micro PALS Shooters belt that HL have recently teased.


Now onto the…
Tourniquet Pouch

Just follow the link to go straight to it…



Again, this is a combination of elastic and laminate and it has been designed to hold the CAT and a pair of trauma shears.

I’ve not tried using a SOFT, but I imagine it wouldn’t be a problem due to the elastic sleeve.

Real estate wise, it uses up just one column and three rows if used vertically, three rows and one column if mounted horizontally.

To mount it horizontally though you need to get something to facilitate that option.

HL do sell one wrap, a strip of material which has hook on one side and loop on the other…

Here’s a better view of the PALS on these new pouches, you can see the extra slots to enable adjustment for wider belts.

The loop patch is for their, HL Micro PALS Shooters belt.


Both items are to the high standards that I expect as the normal from both Dave and Ed.

The laminate makes for nice clean lines and a clean cut appearance. Looks shouldn’t really matter but, like aircraft design “if it looks right, it flies right” i.e. it will work.

“Look the part to act the part, act the part and become the part” or some other Zen BS.


I like where HL are going with this and I look forward to seeing what else this great pairing will come up with.

  • Cost – £££: £23.50 for the single, £18.00 for the TQ they don’t cost an arm or a leg.
  • Value for money 1-5: 5, I always think that you get a great deal from both companies and there’s no change here.
  • Ease of use 1-5: 5, retention is by genuine multicam elastic, it works in a very simple manner. Threading the PALS isn’t a drama either.
  • Construction 1-5: 5, can’t fault it, no loose threads that I can find. You just know both items are going to last. If, a big if, you do get any fraying then it’s a simple case of melting them with a lighter.
  • Allyness 1-5: 5, it looks AAF with is like OAF but with Ally at the start, not forgetting it saves lives.

As with British Tactical products, HL has a lifetime defect warranty.

All materials used are to UK and US military specification.

The professional photos are from Horizon Laminate by kind permission of Dave Stewart, the rest? Well I’d best take the blame for them…

This Kit Pest Review was written by me, ‘Gorgeous’ Jim Shoebridge, Hopefully you have enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please  leave a comment!