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JayJays Windproof Smock


Available form JayJays by following this link…


I write this review off the back of using this smock on exercise.


I may, or may not have bought this as an impulse buy. I do think that it was definitely worth it.

The price for this smock is £120 meaning its costs about £20-£30 less than the Keela equivalent which has also been reviewed on Kit Pest Reviews, see here…


Like the Keela, the pattern match is very close to issued kit, making it almost RSM friendly.

What persuaded me more towards the JayJays smock was the fact there are no big pockets on the arms.

It also seemed slightly lighter and personally I preferred the overall look.

Sizing on this jacket is generous.

I normally wear a 180/104 PCS smock in the field. With the JayJays smock I’m glad I tried it on as I found 170/104 was the better fit for me.

This being said even  with a 170/104 I’m still able to fit some relatively big warm kit on underneath it.

Jacket Features

The jacket has no epaulette at the front for a rank slide, instead there is a compass pouch over the sternum with a cord loop and a Velcro retention strap over the top.

Personally, I did use this pouch but found that when in the prone position it isn’t ideal.

Maybe if this pouch was padded with some foam it may ensure the protection of the compass.

The pocket layout is basic, 4 large bellowed pockets with 2 on the waist and 2 on the chest.

The left arm has the pocket found on the issued windproof smock. However, there is no Velcro on the jacket as pictured when bought.

Inside there is a small pocket on the left hand side and a poacher’s pocket divided into 2 in the rear of the jacket.

There are several draw cords all over the jacket.

The Velcro on the cuffs is minimal and not as bulky as that of the PCS smock.

I found that the jacket was showerproof when the wet stuff came down, this I was unaware of.

This does mean though that with each wash reproofing may be needed.

Being windproof was also a great feature to this jacket. There is a one way zip fitted to this jacket which goes about ¾ of the way down.

While in webbing and daysack I found that my movement was not hindered by the cut of the jacket also, meaning I could fully carry out any tasks with a comfortable range of movement.


If you’re looking for a smock that packs down small and has great storage, is windproof and looks good, it kept the harsh winds off me so that’s a winner.

All I can say is … get this smock.

It’s not badly priced and is very comfortable for both patrolling and for dossing about.

One point though, the open neck area, once fully zipped up I found to chafe a bit.


This link takes you to the smock…


Cost: ££££: £120, Cheaper than its neareast rival….

Value for money 1-5: 5. Great quality, priced well.

Ease of use 1-5: 5. It’s a smock, if you can’t work out how to use it…

Construction 1-5: 5. As to be expected from JayJays

Allyness 1-5: 5. Need I say more?

This Kit Pest Review was written by guest scribe Seán “BoarTac UK” Hannigan. 

Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!

Most of the pictures are the authors own but some I’ve taken the liberty and lifted from JayJays website -Ed..