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Karrimor SF Predator Omni Pouch.



Karrimor. Once one of the biggest names in the UK outdoor industry, who have always maintained a firm toehold in the military world. Originally formed in 1946, financial difficulties have lead them being taken over by Sports Direct of all people!

However Karrimor SF has remained independent from the merger, as a trading name for Police Resources International.

Karrimor SF launched their new predator range in 2012/2013 when the British Armed Forces were experiencing a collective renaissance when it came to load bearing as MOLLE kit was no longer seen as being “too keen”; and with MTP kit going on general issue multicam kit from across the Atlantic became available for the discerning KitPest to exchange their beer tokens for.

I bought the SF Predator Omni Pouch in a effort to minimise the amount of pouches on my webbing. My school of thought at the time was one large butt pouch and two water bottle and two sets of magazine pouches on either side.

I like the look of this pouch because it could be collapsed to be pretty much flat if I was trying to fight light and carry as little as possible.

I will be honest as I can in this review as this pouch is a odd beast.


The reputation for excellence in construction that Karrimor has always had in the outdoor market has carried over to their SF range.

There is not a single line of bad stitching on any part of the pouch and, as far as I can tell, my need to have genuine Crye Multicam fabric has been satisfied. No shitty CHICOM Multisham fabric in sight!

The MOLLE weave on the back is pretty good and has one of my favourite features where there is no popper, instead you feed the MOLLE weaving thread back on itself.

However, the webbing that makes up this MOLLE system and secures the buckles is in coyote tan. Now this isn’t a massive issue for some but if Karrimor can afford to use genuine Crye Multicam fabric, you’d at least think they could splash out on the webbing!

My final bug bear is that the clips are curiously placed. On the top flap the top buckles are normal fastex clips.

If I could change anything on this pouch I would change these to one hand clips so they can be used easier and stop the rattle that these clips produce when even moving ever so slightly to the point that when you’re running they sound like a skeleton having a wank in a biscuit tin.

The one redeeming thing that this pouch has is how much it can carry. This pouch opens up to the point of being akin to a tactical TARDIS on your belt kit.

I managed to fit over 300 rounds of 7.62mm link and 8 loaded Emags within the pouch.

However, one thing was apparent and throws a spanner in the works of this pouch’s only saving grace, it sags down REALLY REALLY low when you put any weight in it.

I’ve tried it on a MOLLE battle belt with two rows of MOLLE and older Dixie’s corner MOLLE belt with four rows. On each belt there was considerable sagging when you carried anything over 12 hours of rations or a stripped down cleaning kit.


I wasn’t lying when I said this pouch was a curious beast. It was made and developed by a company with a fantastic reputation for outdoor kit and with this being one of their best selling items in their military range they truly could of done better.

Hopefully Karrimor either take this pouch back to the drawing board or design a whole new pouch as the Predator SF Omni Pouch was a great idea sadly it was poorly executed.


  • Cost: ££ cheap as it gets as they have been out a fair few years. (grab it here – Karrimor SF Predator omni pouch)
  • Value for money: 3/5 have a shop around as this isn’t the be all of butt pouches.
  • Ease of Use: 4/5 holds a decent amount of kit but the clips are fiddly as heck.
  • Construction : 5/5 solid and truly robust.
  • Allyness: 3/5 Sags like a bastard!

This pouch is available here – Karrimor SF Predator omni pouch

Other places sell them too.

* As you can see, most of the photos are reproduced by kind Permission from Dominic over at Kit Monster, the rest? well they were liberated from the internet.

This Kit Pest Review was written by Callum Bickerton-Green. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!