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Leatherman Wave.


Made by these people… https://www.leatherman.com/

This one will take you direct to the Wave… Leatherman 832524 Wave Plus, Stainless Steel

Available all over the place, so no specific links to retailers.


– for those who have never heard of Tim Leatherman or his products.

Lifted and paraphrased from the Leatherman Company Web page.

“While on a budget trip to Europe in 1975, Tim and his wife Chau constantly came across leaky hotel plumbing and road-side fixes for their cranky Fiat.

Tim realized the need for a pliers based, multi-purpose tool. “I was carrying a scout knife and used it for everything from slicing bread to fixing the car. But I kept wishing I had a pair of pliers!”.

When Tim got back to the states, he took his “multi-tool” idea, some sketches he made on the trip and got to work.

Tim started on the prototype for this new tool, he had estimated it’d take him a month. Instead, it took the next three years to build the prototype he envisioned and file for a patent.

With the patent application and prototype in hand, he set off to sell his idea.

For another three and a half years, Tim faced one rejection letter after another.

Until he partnered with his college friend, Steve Berliner, and in the spring of 1983, they received their first order for 500 tools from Cabela’s and launched the first Leatherman tool.”

On to the review then


Recently I was gifted a late birthday present from my brother, and he chose a bloody amazing present!

I’ve had a Gerber multi tool that I have sworn by for over ten years.

I have never owned a Leatherman before so hopefully in reviewing this multi tool my mind might be changed, and this will replace my trusty Gerber in my belt kit.

The most striking aesthetic features on the wave is the black oxide coating covering all the tool.

This was in response to military customers specifically asking that something be done to reduce shine and glare.

Despite mine being brand new there are a few chips and scratches, so this dry coating won’t last forever through prolonged and strenuous use.

The wave has over 17 separate tools so there is something for every occasion you could possibly foresee.

In some of the other multi tools Leatherman sell they come with a fuse punch tool for plastic explosive and detonator crimps.

Here’s a complete list of the tools;

  1. 420HC Clip Point Knife
  2. 420HC Sheepsfoot Serrated Knife
  3. 8 in | 19 cm Ruler
  4. Bottle Opener
  5. Can Opener
  6. Diamond-coated File
  7. Hard-wire Cutters
  8. Large Bit Driver
  9. Large Screwdriver
  10. Needle nose Pliers
  11. Regular Pliers
  12. Saw
  13. Scissors
  14. Small Bit Driver
  15. Wire Cutters
  16. Wire Stripper
  17. Wood/Metal File

As you can see, you’ve got a whole tool box in your hand and ready to go.

My favourites of the features are that both the knife and the serrated blade don’t sit in the same compartment as all the other tools.

Because these blades are the most frequently used tool on the Leatherman, they have decided to mount them on the tool compartment with a great safety cover.

This cover doesn’t impede you unsheathing the blades in anyway.

Both blades can be easily released with a spring overplayed safety catch that smiths where your thumb would go for better ergonomics.

I really like this feature as my Gerber has a locking door that must be pushed down, which has always been kind of stiff and awkward to use with gloves or even barehanded.


If you’ve never owned a multi tool before this is a great one to get, I truly recommend you pick up this iteration of the Leatherman wave.

After purchasing one I doubt you’ll ever need to buy another one for the rest of your career as it’s robustness and variety of tools will satisfy your every need.

I know will be carrying this multi tool everywhere I possibly can.

Whether you’re on Ops, camping or working you will not regret having this tool close to hand.


Cost: ££££ at £125 it is at the higher end of multi tools, however this is an investment for the future. Get it from here – Leatherman 832524 Wave Plus, Stainless Steel

Value for money: 5/5: A good multi tool will last you a life time, this one lives up to that in spades.

Ease of Use: 5/5: So simple a child could use it. But don’t!

Construction: 5/5: Leatherman have lived up to their well-earned reputation of excellence and this is a purchase that will last you a lifetime.

But on the off chance that something goes wrong, here’s a link to their warranty;


This Kit Pest Review was written by our one and only Callum Bickerton-Green.
Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!
Editor’s Note:

Here is a boring bit that you need to be aware of, if you’re not already…

 Guidance to the legality of carrying knives in the UK.

Below is a distillation and simplification of the law currently. This guide is not intended to replace qualified legal advice and should not be taken as such.

In England and Wales under Section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 it may be an offence to have any sharply pointed or bladed instrument in your possession, in a public place unless you are able to show good reason or lawful authority for doing so. (See below re: folding pocket knives). This fact file does not cover Scottish law, that’s because we’re different North of the wall…

A public place is anywhere that the public has, or is permitted to have access to, even if they must pay to do so. This not only covers areas such as roads and highways, shops, and pubs but also less obvious areas.

This is important to realise for those working or spending leisure time in the countryside, as public footpaths or other rights of way come under the definition of a public place.

Estate land where the public may have access is also a public place even if it is privately owned.

Your car or other vehicle is also classed as a public place whilst on the highway, and the police now have search and seize powers without warrant with respect to knives.

‘Good reason’ for carrying a knife may be shown by occupation as a farmer, joiner, estate manager, electrician, recreational stalker, plumber gameshooter, angler or anyone else who has reasonable grounds for expecting to need a knife whilst pursuing a lawful activity. E.g. someone wild camping and building a hide or fire.

Leaving a knife in the car, or in your pocket for when you will next need it, or forgetting that it is there, is NOT a defence.

Carrying a knife in public must be in connection with the activity for which it is needed; leaving it in your car or going into a shop with a knife in your pocket if you are returning from or going to a place where you use it etc. would usually constitute good reason even though you do not have an immediate need to use the knife on the spot.

There is an exemption in law for folding pocket knives. These must have cutting edges of less than three inches and do not lock. Due to a court case it was ruled that a folding pocket knife “must be foldable at all times”. Due to this ruling, a folding safety locking blade is treated as if it is not folding, but is fixed. The blade length is therefore irrelevant.

There is a further exemption for the carrying of knives as part of either a national costume (such as the Scottish Skean Dhu) or as part of a religious obligation (the Sikh Kirpan).

Get it from here – Leatherman 832524 Wave Plus, Stainless Steel