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Mael Eòin – 2×3 Chest Rig Extension


Made by these people… https://maeleointactical.com/

You can find them on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/MaelEoinTactical

And on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/MaelEoinTactical


A little background colour.

“Located in sunny Scotland Mael Eòin Tactical is a High End Tactical Gear manufacturer that’s mission is to produce innovative, lightweight and tough gear for the customer” is the company blurb from their website.

I personally would question their use of the word sunny, although I’m convinced, they used it ironically.

Sick of buying poorly manufactured kit from reputable US company’s Nick decided enough was enough.

Five years of self-teaching later…


How did I hear about these guys? I’m sure it was via Dave Wilford over at Contact Left, either on his page or Coopers.

Either way I decided to give them a bash, meaning I looked at their website site for anything that piqued my curiosity.

For a first purchase from an unknown source I look for the cheapest useful looking thing or things in this case.

I settled on these…

Chest Rig Extension Panels

Now the idea behind having a micro chest rig is to keep yourself honest with what you carry, isn’t that right Stan?

There are occasions however, when you must be less than honest. You may have to carry comms of some sort other than your mobile…

Face it you’re s’posed to always have comms.

For whatever reason though, you might have a requirement to increase the footprint of your rig.

This is where these come in, available in three sizes;

2 x 3, 3 x 3 and 4 x 3 PALS column by row.


It’s a smallish rectangle of 500D Multicam Cordura, with PALS sewn on to it, also in Multicam.

The site images show the earlier webbing, mine has the newer MMI product and to my mind it looks a lot better.

All the hardware is ITW Nexus and the thread is mil spec bonded, it has a high resistance to acids and alkali.


For some reason I thought I was buying air-soft standard stuff from an air-soft manufacturer, ermm, nope.

Nick has, right from the word go, produced kit with the military end user in mind, in fact he has refused to get his kit sold in places that stock air-soft paraphernalia.

This approach seems to work for him as he gets orders from military, police, contractors and air-soft players in equal measures.

Another nice touch was that within minutes of making the order Nick dropped me an email confirming that I wasn’t using this with Virtus as they are different sizes.

That’s what I call customer service.

I understand that Vitus panels are on their way however.

This stuff is solid and well made.

In Summary

Great bits of kit, these easily competes with everything else of a similar design. Caveat….I’ve not used any other type of wing/panel/wrap.

I can see these being handy for a modular approach to your rig, they allow you to quickly swap out extra pouches etc. to suit what ever task you may be doing.

One of the few niggles I have is that, purely down to the rig I’m using, the interface between the two gives an extra column of a gap at the sides.

And that the two layers of 500D could be considered as flimsy but with whatever you mount on it, it gains rigidity.

Point to note, it’s a 3-5 week lead time, but usually quicker.

Now to a new part of the format…

Pros & Cons


Modular – quick change between “extras”


Gives a more real estate if needed


Extra column – rig specific

Flimsy – might seem so.

If you follow this link;  https://maeleointactical.com/collections/pouches/products/2×3-chest-rig-extension

you’ll go straight to extension panel.

  • Cost – £££: £17 for the one
  • Value for money 1-5: 5. They allow me to be less than honest when needed.
  • Ease of use 1-5: 5, you put the male part into the female part…surely no one can get that wrong
  • Construction 1-5: 4 All MOD spec, solid stitching, bar tacked at all stress points.
  • Allyness 1-5: 3, These give the ability to rapidly swap out between pouches on your chest rig, this could be regarded as ally…maybe.

Oh, and the name is pronounced “Mal o en”

One photo is Nick’s the rest, well they’re a mix of mine and Stan’s.

This Kit Pest Review was written by me, ‘Gorgeous’ Jim Shoebridge.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading it and, if you have any thoughts,  comments or questions relating to this article then please feel free to leave a comment!