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Polymath Products – OmniTorch


You can get it here – OmniTorch
I love Amazon.  You can get pretty much anything you want/need delivered to your door with a minimum of fuss.  I especially like how they creep on your purchasing habits and suggest stuff for you to buy…

It was one of these recommendations that lead me to the OmniTorch.


The OmniTorch is a small LED light which has several different options for securing it to different surfaces.

The OmniTorch comes as a twin pack, so you actually get two of these cool little gadgets.

The body is an aluminium cube, much like a die in shape, 25mm to a side.  This gives the light a nice solid feel.

One side is taken up with the really bright LED light.  60 lumens in a small package like this is really quite bright.  Especially coupled to a battery life of 8-10 hours.  It is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries, the same as in a SUUNTO Core watch.

On the opposite side of the cube from the lamp is the power switch.  It’s a nice, solid rubber push button with an audible click on and off.  Again, this gives the impression of solid construction.  The switch is also the battery cap, and unscrews to allow access to the battery compartment.  The switch also has a karabiner built into it.  Looped through the karabiner is a strip of hook & loop tape.  This gives the switch 2 out of the 5 mounting options.

The other 4 sides have the Polymath Products logo and 3 other means of attaching the light.  There are 2 sides with hook and loop, one with hook and one with loop.  The final side has a neodymium magnet allowing it to attach firmly to ferrous metal surfaces.

The whole cube is matte black with the engraved logo picked out in white.

It also weighs only 44g.

The OmniTorch is made in the UK.


Every so often you come across a bit of kit that is just well thought out and really fits a niche.  The OmniTorch is one of those.  I can see that I’m going to get loads of use out of it.  The multiple attachment methods are going to make it easy to use in all sorts of places.  You can hang it from a tent pole or branch, hang it from the ridge-line of your hammock, attack it to the loop panel on top of your helmet or Operator cap to make a headlight, or use the magnet to attach to your wheel arch while you’re changing a tire.

The cube shape also means that if you put it down on a flat surface it won’t roll away like a torch does.

Its compact size means you can sling it in your webbing or EDC and have it handy whenever you need it.


The OmniTorch is a great little bit of kit that you will get loads of use from without breaking the bank or taking up loads of space.


Cost – £:  £12.99 gets you 2 of these versatile lights… (get it here – OmniTorch)

Value for money 1-5: 5. Endless uses and you get 2 to a pack

Ease of use 1-5: 5, there’s a method of attachment for all circumstances

Construction 1-5: 5, made from a solid lump of aluminium with a nice sturdy switch…

Allyness 1-5: 1, it’s a lamp… a very cool lamp, but a lamp nonetheless.

This Kit Pest Article was written by Ben O’Toole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!