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Särmä TST Map Pouch



Made by these people… https://www.varusteleka.com/en

A brief bit of background on the company…

Varustelekea is a Finnish company that deals mainly in military surplus, however they do have their own brand, Särmä and the suffix TST denotes the stuff they make specifically for the Finnish Military.

The most difficult thing I have found is how the blinking flip do you pronounce the name.

They provided the handy phonetic guide… it’s pronounced “Where is the liquor?” in a really bad German/Russian accent.


Having made the plunge a while back with their Merino wool offerings, see here;


I have since bought a selection of bits and bobs of them, which includes amongst other things ’Warrior Coffee, which has ghee (Clarified butter) in it, a couple of tins of Scho-Ka-Kola and this Map Pouch…


I like the quirk of having the map on the outside and the accoutrements on the inner surfaces, as opposed to the more traditional, well to us, layout.

Made from 500D Cordura with PU-coating. All webbing, zippers and Velcro are of Finnish military spec, high quality and again due to the requirements of the military it’s NIR-compliant.

The map window plastic is rated for -40 degrees Celsius, what does that mean? It means it has to be REALLY cold before the plastic cracks.

I found the plastic rather glossy so after a brief session with some Scotchbrite it now has a pleasing matt finish.

I lifted the list of features from their site but have edited them slightly.

The pouch has on the outside…

  • Large A4 size map window on the outside

And internally there is;

  • Small 21 x 13 cm windowed compartment on the inside.
  • 21 x 13 cm pocket with open side and a zippered compartment of the same size on top.
  • Elastic loops for five pencils and a 20 cm ruler.
  • Small sleeve to stop pencils etc falling out.
  • A pull-out and tie-down webbing strap on the spine.
  • All materials and components used are Mil Spec.
Picture time…


It is rather handy, again dependant on role, for a vehicle commander an A4 sized map case is next to useless, as DS on exercise it’s spot on.

Fitting, strangely enough, into the map/thigh pocket but maybe a wee bit bulky for doing that running around stuff.

It doesn’t have to be a map case though, I can see a use for it at a sentry position holding range card, stag list etc.

Well made and durable, I’d like to think that this map pouch is going to last.

In Summary

As with most small map cases, you’re limited to what you can carry in it.

Then again, apart from a map extract and some stationery what else do you really need to carry in it?


  • Cost – £££: €29.99 so exchange rate dependant
  • Value for money 1-5: 5. It does what I need it to so more than happy with the cost.
  • Ease of use 1-5: 5, Hook and loop closure (400 times anyone?) the vinyl is almost edge to edge so it’s easy to fit an A4 map extract in.
  •  Construction 1-5: 5, solid, as to be expected if they want to sell it to the military, binding all the way through. Single lines of stitching though out with no loose threads to be found.
  • Allyness 1-5: 1, Not very ally, but it works.

Here’s a link to Varusteleka’s warranty just on the off chance that you may need it.


It seems to be rather popular as it only stays in stock for a short period of time. I had to set up an email restock notification

Professional photos are from Varusteleka themselves and as usual the enthusiastic amateur ones are mine.

This Kit Pest Review was written by me,  ‘Gorgeous’ Jim Shoebridge  Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please  leave a comment!


  1. I looked at ordering this on the back of reading the review – had to wait a bit as mentioned above it was out of stock so set up an email alert and twiddled my thumbs.

    Received the email telling me it was back in stock and put in my order – three days later it arrived – not bad for an international order.

    On first glance, it’s well made, compact without losing functionality and I do love the fact the map is on the outside and fits A4 Maps as I usually print out what I need from the OS Website.

    Primarily I’ll be using this on Navigation exercises / Fieldcraft Weekends with the ACF and the occasional DofE and Ten Tors Training, the inner slip pockets are ideal for our ‘Red Book’ and other bits of Cadet Related paperwork (accident forms etc).

    Already had comments from other Instructors asking about it, hell, even my missus wants one now!
    Better make sure my name is on it or it may go walkabout.

    Thanks for putting me on to a great piece of kit – it may not be the most ally kit you’ll ever buy (cam a map case ever be ally?) but it does what it needs to and does it well.

    Keep up the good work

    Thor Elsson

    • Hi Thor,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the review, I’m glad you like it.

      I used mine recently whilst teaching on our CLC, it is very handy and popular.

      They are a great company

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