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Scarpa Mojito Approach Shoes


Available very widely. I got mine from Go Outdoors due to the significant discounts…


I have been wearing a pair of Salomon Speed Assault boots as my everyday footwear for about 3 years now. They have served me well, including a trip to SHOT pre-COVID. They have a bit of life left in them, but are looking tired and needed to be replaced.

As I have long been a fan of Altberg, I was initially drawn to their Samarkand Shoe. However, I wanted something with some water repellency, and the Samarkand is strictly a hot weather shoe.

Having seen Christian Craighead rolling with a pair of Approach Shoes in Nairobi, I decided to investigate these as an option. According to that King of Kit Spotters, The Reptile House, Christian was wearing a pair of La Sportiva Approach Shoes. When I had a look at their offering, it was a bit too loud for my tastes, so I looked a little further.

This is where I discovered the Scarpa Mojito!


As an Approach Shoe it is intended to be a mix between a trail shoe and a climbing boot. To meet this requirement it has a very aggressive rand around the toe, just like a climbing boot. It is of note that Scarpa describe this shoe as being inspired by their other approach shoes, but aimed more at being a casual shoe.

It laces up almost to the toe too. This allows the shoe to be a lot more fitted to the contours of the foot, rather than just mapping to the instep and locking in the heel.

To meet the trail shoe requirement, it has a Vibram Sole with a nice aggressive tread. As the shoe is also intended to be used in urban areas they have chosen a sole which will not slip on concrete or tarmac.

The upper is made from suede. The suede has a low nap to it, so that there are no marks formed when it is rubbed.

The colourway I purchased has lightly contrasting stitching which looks really good. This shoe is offered in a wide range of colourways, the listing I found had 25 options.

The tongue is padded and sewn in. This makes it easy to ensure it is in the right place when you do them up. This, added to the breathable lining, makes for a great deal of comfort over long periods. To complete the comfort package there is a full-length EVA layer beneath the foot. This is a very supportive feeling shoe.

The shoe has a Gore-Tex lining for water resistance. This has as yet not come into play for me. However, looking at other people’s opinions of this shoe nobody is complaining of wet feet.

I have always been a fan of subtle branding. Branding like The North Face is a real turn off for me. The Mojitos have two bits of branding, both of which are not OTT. Firstly, there is a small embroidered logo along the side of the shoe, in the same colour as the rest of the stitching. Secondly, there is a larger logo moulded into the side of the heel. Both pieces branding convey the logo well, without overpowering the look of the shoe.


Thus far, I am very impressed. These are a seriously comfortable pair of shoes. Ideal for travelling, light hiking and every day wear. I recently wore them on a trip to Tenerife and they were just as comfortable on a hike over volcanic terrain as they were tramping around all day sight seeing.


Super comfortable, well made and high quality materials.


Cost – £££: £106 (Go Outdoors Card and Scout Leader Discount), this is a high quality item. You will use these for a long time before they need to be replaced…
Value for money 1-5: 5. You more than get your money’s worth.  Really high spec and well made.
Ease of use 1-5: 5, Well designed and well made.
Construction 1-5: 5, Well made with clear attention to detail in the construction.
Allyness 1-5: 4 Needs to be paired with Armani Jeans, a Crye AVS, and an Arc’teryx balaclava to score a 5. Although, you might get some funny looks in the pub…

This Kit Pest Review was written by Ben O’Toole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!