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Solognac SG900 Merino Wool Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Green



Can be found here:

Short Sleeve: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/sg900-wool-t-shirt-ss-green-id_8502515.html
Long Sleeve: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/sg900-wool-l-s-t-shirt-green-id_8502567.html


I’ve recently got back into mountaineering. So, as a devoted KitPest, I’ve been looking to update my gear. I’ve been running with mainly military style clothing and gear due to being a Veteran and having done Security work overseas.

Diving into “civvy” outdoor gear has been somewhat of an adventure, and a bit of an eye opener. One thing I can’t get used to though is bright colours!

I’m updating my gear on a budget so I have been looking for stuff I can get that is good quality at a decent price. I was checking out Decathlon and I discovered that they have a Hunting Range called Solognac… catchy! I have to say that there is definitely some good gear in this range, ideal for going on the hills or bushcraft.

I was on the hunt specifically for a merino base layer.


Initially I purchased the short sleeve version of this top, rapidly followed by the long sleeve.

The main colour is a moss green, with a couple of grey panels to provide an accent. Like an UBACS, it has a raglan sleeve (big fan) and a high collar, which is great to protect your neck from getting chafed by your pack straps. It has a ¼ zip in the same grey as the accents and with an orange bar tack at the base.

The fabric is 100% pure merino, which is awesome considering the low price point. Many manufacturers will use a merino/synthetic blend and try to spin this as an enhancement to the fabric rather than being the means of increasing their profit it actually is, whilst compromising the garment. The fabric has a great next to skin feel and really light hand heft.

The fit is “athletic”, that is to say figure conforming… There is no hiding your beer belly in this one! It is also a decent length so that it does not come un-tucked easily over the course of the day.

All of the seams are sewn with a 5 thread overlock. This means that there is an extra line of stitching next to the overlocked edge providing extra strength to the seam.

The hems at the sleeve ends and the waist are finished with a standard coverstitch. On the long sleeve version, the cuffs are finished with a binding to prevent undue wear.

The collar is bound ¾ of the way around to prevent premature wear.

The zip is unbranded, but seems decent quality. The puller tab has a positive lock on it so that it stays in place when you lay it flat rather than flapping about. There is a full-length fabric backing on the zip which folds over at the top of the collar to cover the zip pull when it is fully done up and prevent chafing.

The branding is very subtle, just a small transfer sticker next to the zip.


I am a big fan! This is a very well-made shirt, made from quality materials. It is a very comfortable fit and the merino has a great next to skin feel.

It looks good and, a bonus for me, isn’t in honking bright colours!

It is a definite year-round garment that will be equally well suited to being a baselayer and as a top layer in better weather.

I would highly recommend this top to anyone looking for reasonable priced 100% merino

In Summary

This top is well constructed, comfortable and looks good. Very reasonably priced, it is well worth looking into!

As a note Decathlon make several long-sleeved versions under different sports that offer other colours. Simply type “merino” into the search box on the Decathlon website.


Cost: £££ Short-sleeve purchased for £11.99 in the sale, usually £22.99. Long-sleeve is £29.99.

Value For Money (1-5): 5. Merino baselayers made out of blended fabrics sell for much more from some of the “big Brands”.

Ease of Use (1-5): 5 – If you can’t dress yourself at this stage you’ve got issues…

Construction (1-5): 5. As described, really high quality construction.

Allyness (1-5): 1 – It’s a baselayer…

This Kit Pest Review was written by Ben O’Toole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!