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Tasmanian Tiger Tac Marker Panel


Cost: ££ (£10.80)
Value for Money 4/5
Ease of use 5/5
Construction 4/5
Allyness 3/5

This is another really simple bit of kit that is actually really useful. This is useful to soldier, contractors and outdoorsmen. I originally got hold of this for using when I took my Scouts out on hikes. If we have to go on a road we put leaders front and rear in Hi-Viz vests to warn off oncoming traffic. The drama with this is that when I was at the rear my daysack covered my vest. So I had a look around for a solution to the problem.

I eventually found this little gem. I liked it because it was compact, neat and I could leave it attached to my daysack when I wasn’t using it. What you get is a long narrow pouch you can attach easily to MOLLE or numerous other attachment points. The attachment points on the pouch are both vertical and horizontal. When it is rolled up the panel fits very snugly inside the low-profile pouch which is secured full length with Velcro. Unroll it and you have a very bright orange marker panel about the size of a piece of A4 paper.

The construction is good with nice straight stitching. Colour wise it is billed as Khaki which is a little lighter than Coyote Brown, but isn’t bright by any means. The opening also has a tab so you can find it with gloves.

It could do with a couple of improvements to my mind. Firstly, some reflective tape on the marker panel would be good as this would make it more obvious on say for example a road march. Secondly, it comes with two paracord loops on the bottom edge of the panel but nothing to attach them to. A couple of small carabiners would easily solve this issue, or like me you could attach a couple of Grimlocks onto your bag.

In Summary this is a great bit of kit. You could put it on a daysack as an air marker panel a safety marker or to identify a casualty, on the back of a bergan for tabbing or to mark a harbour entrance. I think the price is fair and you will definitely find it is value for money. They can be purchased here.

This Kit Pest Review was written by Ben OToole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!