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Team Medic Accessories


Medic training in the army is going back to self aid. Makes sense; win the firefight, close in and kill the enemy, and if you’re unlucky enough to be a casualty, well, I’ve been looking at a few items that might make your self aid easier.

I hasten to add I’ve only ever been ‘team medic’ trained and none of these opinions reflect those of Army Medical Doctrine.

To start off with I checked out the ‘FRV tailoring’ CAT holder. This basic little addition can be slotted into your MOLLE loops holding your tourniquet for rapid use. If your wearing Osprey or Virtus body armor. It can be ripped of your armor giving you a few more vital seconds to get that tourniquet deployed.

FRV tailoring is a small operation run by a serving guardsman and is available on eBay, (hopefully GKE in the future). Whilst he is not creating large scale, items like Battle Belts, Pouches, the small bits and pieces are solidly constructed, made with genuine multicam and MTP compatible materials.

I picked up the CAT holder on eBay for £6 and I’m going to buy another. So if your SOP’s are flexible regarding CAT placement give this a thought.

Right, now onto the second item. This is a tear away RIP Away MOLLE Panel. Made by Bulldog Tactical from UKMC in Portsmouth. Another simple idea that would go great to help self aid or tactical casualty care.

Again this can be a good attachment to your body armor, it features a two piece system, one panel attaches to your pouch and and the other to your vest. The tear of part features a large red handle that can help you grab it when wearing gloves or with a loss of fine motor skills in a firefight. As useful as this is, I will pick it up on the fact that it’s bright red and not very camouflaged.

Materials wise, the stitching is good. However, Bulldog Tactical’s Multicam material tends to be a cheap Chinese knock off and it pushed me towards buying a coyote tan panel. Truthfully it’s functionality over looks the only con with this bit of kit and if it buys you or whoever is treating you in a casualty care under fire situation it’s well worth a investment.

I picked this up in the portsmouth UKMC store for £14.99. Check out the shop as it’s got a good range of kit, knives, tactical and firearms accessories.

This Kit Pest Review was written by Callum J Bickerton. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!