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ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt


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ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt

Editors preamble: The following review was written by Noble, from Noble and Blue.

He is Finnish and therefore English isn’t his first language, so the review might read a little ‘odd’ due to the idiomatic use of the language, I personally believe that it adds to the piece



When I was asked by the editors of KitPest to write a guest review/article I wanted to write about something that would be fitting for the UK background of this blog.

So I picked the one piece of kit that is, in my opinion so British and ally. I am of course talking about the ThruDark Black Ops edition Sweatshirt.

The Company

ThruDark is a rather new company, but already well known and revered for their outstanding quality.

As they state on their website, they are founded on the UKSOF ethos, which is well reflected by their motto “Endeavor Through Adversity”.

The founders are all veterans of the SOF community and they know by experience that you have to be able to rely on your gear with your life on the field.

That is why they test their gear rigorously before even considering them to be put out on the market. Union Jack Flash Patch - Black I have had the BlackOps Sweatshirt now for a few months. It was not the first piece of kit I bought from ThruDark, but with the experience I have had with their SF Zodiac Jacket I was confident enough to invest in another garment from them.

Some might think that  £145 is a bit much of a sweatshirt, and I had my doubts too. But when I received the shirt, my doubts were gone.

The BlackOps Sweatshirt is ENTIRELY made in Britain! And that quality breathes immediately from it.

The yarn is made in Manchester, spun in Leicester and the whole package is put together in London.

You do not get that a lot these days. To me, that is as Ally as it comes!


The fabric is tightly knit and has a fleecy inside, which makes the shirt incredibly comfortable. It is made of 85% cotton and 15% polyester, and it is also dyed in Leicester to add even further to the Allyness! ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt The flat-lock stitching gives the BlackOps the ruggedness to wear. On the arms you have some loop for patches, and on the chest a rubberised ThruDark logo. ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt Stitched Logo The elbows are reinforced with Cordura. ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt Felt Collar There is an detailed felt collar to give some extra comfort too. ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt Collar All in all it is a very stylish and well-build sweatshirt unlike you will be able to get anywhere else.


I have never been much of a sweatshirt kind of a guy, but I thought to give it a chance with the BlackOps. And I have to say I would not take this off at all, if my wife would not start to tease me about it.

It is honestly one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever had. I have lounged in it during weekends, I have worn it to the gym to for light warm up during these winter months.

It wears well everywhere and I think it might be pulled off with a buttoned-down underneath for a smart casual look too.

I chose to get it in medium size, even though I usually wear small, but ThruDark advises to size up for a more relaxed look.

I personally think the cut is probably not that tight as they say, a small one would have been a tiny bit better fit for me.

This might be because I am not build like an SOF guy, but then again it is VERY comfy, so I am not complaining! But that is something you should consider when getting one for yourself. Attention To Detail There has been one major issue with the shirt, shortly after I got the shirt I got an email from ThruDark, saying they were recalling the BlackOps Sweatshirts because several customers had noticed that the Cordura elbow patch seams were coming undone.

I actually had noticed some fraying on them too, but I had yet not thought anything of it.

They promised to fully refund the shirts or send a new one with the elbow patches fixed.

This is partly why you gladly pay the seemingly high price, you get unparalleled customer service at the same time.   ThruDark BlackOps Sweatshirt Arm ThruDark says that when you buy their products you also get into their Inclusive Brotherhood, and I would have to say that this feels to be true.

In Summary

For some it might be impossible to justify for themselves to buy a sweatshirt that costs £145.

To me it was a tough decision too. But then again you might buy a £15 sweatshirt just like that, use it for two weeks and throw it out.

With the BlackOps Sweatshirt you are investing in yourself and British manufacturing.

The comfort of it is out of the roof and once they get the stitching of the elbow patches gets fixed, it will also be one of those garments that last with you a lifetime.

  • The most simple and easy of constructions
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Customization is possible with morale patches

Our Rating

You can get your own BlackOps Sweathshirt through here. And while you are at it, take a look at their other products too if you are not familiar with them yet! Cost -£££££:  As stated, £145 is rather a lot for a sweatshirt, but it is a lot of sweatshirt.

Value for money 1-5: 5, You generally get what you pay for, rather than buy cheap and often, buy expensive and only once.

  • Quality materials
  • Made wholly in UK

Ease of use 1-5: 5, it’s a sweatshirt…

Construction 1-5: 4, Expertly crafted, the stitching of the elbow patches frayed in use on the first batch of the Sweatshirts

Allyness 1-5: 5, Designed and tested by UKSOF veterans

All the photos were supplied to us by the author This Kit Pest Review was written for us by, the Finnish pipe smoking Padre with a gun ‘Noble’ of Noble & Blue fame.

For more of their stuff go visit their page at; https://nobleandblue.wordpress.com/

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading it and, if you have any thoughts,  comments or questions relating to this article then please feel free to leave a comment!