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Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140


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Over this summer I have been lucky to have been invited to go on some bushcraft and survival courses with Maddog Adventures, Precision Survival & First In Events.

These courses, along with a trip to Dartmoor, have been a great opportunity to really shake out my gear. Of course, as a card carrying KitPest, I found room for improvement…

The item I found that I really wanted to upgrade was my knife.  I have been using a Stainless Steel Mora Companion for quite a few years now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great knife, but I wanted to step things up in terms of size and move over to Carbon Steel.

Enter the Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140!


First up, this knife is not your more usual “bushcraft” knife.  There are no curly birch handles, or hand-stitched leather sheaths here!  This knife is an out and out workhorse.  It is designed purely as a rugged tool that you can rely on.

The knife is a pretty traditional Finnish Puukko style.  The blade is a traditional “Scandi” grind with a secondary bevel along the spine.  The “Scandi” grind makes it very easy to sharpen, especially in the field.  The secondary grind is there to facilitate the use of ferro rods.  More on that later…

It has a full tang which ends in a very useful lanyard hole.  The whole handle is over-moulded with rubber and is ergonomically shaped.  This rubber grip provides a very comfortable handle.  It is non-slip, and the shape further prevents slipping. The slight belly to the middle and flare at the top, where your thumb rests, makes the knife feel very nice in the hand.

The blade itself is 4mm thick at the spine and fully through the tang.  It is made from CrV2 carbon steel, which is a good quality tool steel that can take a beating.  The key is in the hardening process.  The heat treatment they use leaves the outer surface softer than the inside.  This is why the spine is bevelled to expose the harder internal metal so it throws sparks more effectively from a ferro rod.

There is also a partial patina to the blade, which serves to protect the metal from rusting. I am currently keeping the blade oiled, but I’m tempted to go for a full patina to make it easier to care for in the field.

The knife is also perfectly balanced, something that cannot be said for other knives which are mass produced.


I love it! the bloody thing is pretty much indestructible! Should you somehow manage to do it some damage a replacement is not going to make you cry…

I would recommend having a cast around YouTube for videos of people trying to break this knife.   Spoiler, they can’t!

Out of the box it comes with a nice, sharp edge.

I opted to buy the knife on its own as I was planning on having a kydex sheath made by Joe at JS Knives.  I will write a separate review of his work there.  You can opt for a sheath which is a hybrid plastic and metal construction.  However, it is a puukko “dangle” style which I’m not a fan of.  With that said, the opinion I have seen of the sheaths from others has been positive.  Recent social media posts have let slip that Savotta have just manufactured a Boltaron (a thermoplastic like Kydex) sheath for this knife, which has MOLLE fittings.  This will be available on 01/11/21 at a very reasonable £36.23.  There will be sheaths for the whole Terävä range in time.

The knife has handles every task I’ve thrown at it so far with ease.  It throws showers of sparks from a rod, batons wood like a hot knife through butter, and makes feather sticking a cinch!

Why are you still reading this?  Go buy one!


This is an extremely rugged tool that will not let you down.  Add this to a very reasonable price and you have a VERY attractive package.


Cost – ££: A VERY reasonable £36.23 plus P&P from Varusteleka.
Value for money 1-5: 5. You more than get your money’s worth.  Really high spec and well made.
Ease of use 1-5: 5, Well designed and well made.
Construction 1-5: 5, Well made with clear attention to detail in the construction.
Allyness 1-5: 5, You will be the envy of all your muckers as you effortlessly cut green string and open ration packs…

This Kit Pest Review was written by Ben O’Toole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!