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Warrior Assault Systems – Slimline Dump Pouch


Or, to give it it’s Sunday name; Slimline foldable dump pouch is made by these people… http://www.warriorassaultsystems.com/

Dump pouches should be like opinions, everyone should have one.

Search for “Dump Pouch” and you’ll get pages and pages of hits, in fact this will be (I think) the third review of a dump on Kit Pest.

They come in all sorts of flavours and designs most being either foldable or roll up, which when you think about it makes sense as you don’t want it flapping about as you go about your business.
Personally, I’ve these two sitting in my desk waiting swapped out when the mood takes me.

By our very own Tom ‘Coops’ Cooper…






The legend that is Boris…








Trying to appease my mild OCD I wanted the same pouch on my various belts…currently two belt kits, a ‘battle’ belt and a chest rig…
Despite my Cavalry waistline I was going for a minimal footprint and the Slimline Dump Pouch from Warrior Assault Systems seemed to fit the bill.

The manufacturers blurb says its 500D and fully waterproof and herein lies a minor niggle.
Despite having a drain hole finished with a grommet, it may be better off with a mesh bottom to let whatever water gets in, the 100% waterproofing works both ways…
All the internal seams are bound, and the external ones are finished off in my favourite…printed multicam, remember that’s just my own opinion, it does a perfectly good job.
The throat is of a decent enough size and stays open so that you’re not going to miss it with your empty mags.
Even though there is no throat cinch the pouch is deep enough to prevent your empties from falling out.
All the webbing, well what little there is i.e. the MOLLE is to US military spec and all material is “treated at source to deliver the lowest I.R. Signature possible”.

Deep enough for you?

On a ‘battle’ belt

On a ‘standard’ belt kit

So how many empty mags does it hold do I hear you ask?…

I can count to potato, well Six mags nestled in there all cosy like…

In Summary
A nice, simple well-designed and well-constructed pouch. It misses a couple of tricks in my opinion, a throat cinch of some sort and maybe a mesh base instead of a drain grommet.
It does exactly what I want it to do.
It’s available in Black, multicam or coyote tan from, amongst other places, these people: https://www.uktactical.com/ who quite often hold flash sales of kit.
https://www.uktactical.com/p-6010-warrior-slimline-foldable-dump-multicam.aspx will take you straight to the pouch in multicam.

• Cost – ££££: £19.96 at the link above, it won’t break the bank.
• Value for money 1-5: 4, it’s relatively cheap so your bank manager should be happy.
• Ease of use 1-5: 4, easy to open slightly more difficult to tidy away.
• Construction 1-5: 5, can’t fault it, no loose threads that I can find and it’s robust. Internally bound seams are always a winner in my opinion.
• Allyness 1-5: 4, it looks good apart from the printed Multicam binding.

This review was written by ‘Gorgeous’ Jim Shoebridge!