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Whisky7Alpha (luminae Design) – Watch Cover


Made by one man, Davy Wilson who shows his wares online. Grab it here – TRC Outdoors Clipeum Protective System


A little background first.

It all started when one David Wilford of Contact Left posted a picture in Coopers Kit Corners Facebook page of a hard-protective cover mid October 18.

The picture garnered some interest but then faded into the background.

A week or so later I received a parcel which I wasn’t expecting – bonus! Inside was a watch cover

Along with the manufacturers contact details…


It’s a moulded piece Kydex attached to two bits of Crye Multicam ™ webbing, with a press stud.

The one I have fits my first-generation Apple watch just fine.

But hang on, the Apple watch needs charging every, well quite often.

I’m not going through the palaver of taking the strap off every time! … and how do the little magic eyes still work?

Davy has thought of this and has answered the questions…

…with the simple expedient of having a hole cut in the main body of the webbing allowing for charging and the day to day workings of the sensors.

This opening is heat sealed so doesn’t fray and the edges aren’t that hard to scratch your delicate skin.

But how bulky is it and will I catch it on everything?

Admittedly it did feel bulky at first but compared to the size of some other monster watches out there? You soon get used to it.

As to catching on everything, I’ve had a few minor dramas when I wear gloves with the cuff catching the cover which in turn pushes the home button taking you to the power off menu.

So far, with the haptics giving a warning, I’ve not managed to call 999….so far.

Going back to the constant need to charge the Apple Watch, with power banks available then it’s not that much of an issue.

All you do is charge the power bank, which you’d be doing for your phone anyway.

As you can see in above, I’ve a funky little Kydex tag on the cover, this is the Mk2 version and came pre-fitted to the sample by Davy.

This doesn’t add much to the utility of the cover, but it is a nice touch.

Talking things over with him, Davy I was made aware that other engravings will be available soon, Zap numbers etc.

The Mk2 cover also came with a set of pace beads attached…don’t ask how, you don’t want to know, really, you don’t.

I found them rather annoying after a couple of minutes and removed them as they got in the way.


Admittedly the need to charge the watch isn’t a drama for me as my role doesn’t see me stay out for more than one night.

Nor do I wander too far from an electrical socket.

I can understand that this watch isn’t really a viable option for long term field use, I’ve a Casio ‘El cheapo’ for that.

For day trips to the ranges or in a DS role in the field, even around camp it’s damn effective for keeping my watch protected.

Davy is making covers for the most common squaddie watch, Garmin, Suunto etc but all I can comment on the one I have, the Apple Watch.

In Summary

I’ve been wearing the watch with the cover constantly since receiving the Mk1 in October. I like it, the watch cost my daughter a lot, and this goes a long way to keeping it safe.

When it gets smelly, which it will I just cleaned it using soap and water, with no signs of my pet peeve of the webbing turning white.

The watch cover can be bought from;

Here – TRC Outdoors Clipeum Protective System


  • Cost – £££: £22 for peace of mind? Worth it
  • Value for money 1-5: 5. I reckon so, it’s a lot cheaper than replacing the watch face, can you even do that?
  • Ease of use 1-5: 5, a small faff about threading the straps when initially fitting and its secured by a press stud, what’s difficult about that?
  • Construction 1-5: 5, solid, it’s simple, genuine Crye webbing is used throughout, bar tacked at stress points and the thread is, as expected Mil spec, rot, mildew and UV proof.
  • Allyness 1-5: 1, very low but it does the job, very well.

Oh, it also comes in black…

Most photos are from ‘tinternet or FaceBook. The Johnny age 5 ones are by yours truly. The rest are from Davy himself.

This Kit Pest Review was written by me, Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then please leave a comment!