Friday, July 3, 2020
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Luminae Designs – GPS Mount

Get it here for Garmin 301 & 401 - TRC Outdoors Clipeum Protective System GPS Mount for Garmin 301 & 401 Get it here for...

Contact Left Coffee

Intro To grab this product, head here - Contact Left Coffee Coffee. Coffee is the life line for many of us who struggle to get our eyes...

Welcome To Kit Pest

Kit Pest is a dedicated team of serving and ex-serving men and women dedicated to making military life a more positive experience. The team hold extensive knowledge about military life and their aim is to share their collective knowledge with the masses.

Kit Pest brings you all the latest reviews for military and survival kit along with tips, tricks and techniques designed to make your life easier in the field.

Top Tips From The Experts

Field Tips & Tricks

DCA Ammo Pouch – Odin Tactical

Made by these people…  Who you have to admit do have a very nice Facebook profile picture Review A little background on the company itself. Lifted...

Direct Action – Mosquito Y Harness

Made by these people… Which is the European site as opposed to this… which is the CONUS one. Review Some background on the company. Direct Action is based in...

Coop’s Webbing Loadout