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Helikon-Tex Pilgrim Anorak Jacket

Available here... Background Having been really disappointed by the Garphyttan Original Anorak, I was keeping...

Scarpa Mojito Approach Shoes

Available very widely. I got mine from Go Outdoors due to the significant discounts... Background

Welcome To Kit Pest

Kit Pest is a dedicated team of serving and ex-serving men and women dedicated to making military life a more positive experience. The team hold extensive knowledge about military life and their aim is to share their collective knowledge with the masses.

Kit Pest brings you all the latest reviews for military and survival kit along with tips, tricks and techniques designed to make your life easier in the field.

Top Tips From The Experts

Field Tips & Tricks

An Ode to DWR

Being a true KitPest isn't just as matter of buying loads of gear.  It's about knowing what gear is worth buying, and...

Modestone vs Rite in the Rain – Notepad showdown

Notebooks! You need one. You know you do. You don’t want one. But you need one! Be it for scrawling grids you won’t look...

DCA Ammo Pouch – Odin Tactical

Made by these people…  Who you have to admit do have a very nice Facebook profile picture Review A little background on the company itself. Lifted...