Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Morion Thread Works 9mm Magazine Pouch

Made by Morion Thread Works, no website but they do have a Facebook Page Background… Morion Thread Works is a one man show with Richard Haddow...

Surplus Freak Side Pouches

Available from: Background Although the days of running around with two pouches attached to your yoke, like the rocket man of yore, may be over,...

Welcome To Kit Pest

Kit Pest is a dedicated team of serving and ex-serving men and women dedicated to making military life a more positive experience. The team hold extensive knowledge about military life and their aim is to share their collective knowledge with the masses.

Kit Pest brings you all the latest reviews for military and survival kit along with tips, tricks and techniques designed to make your life easier in the field.

Top Tips From The Experts

Field Tips & Tricks

My Five Favourite Bits of Kit

In this article, Glen from Exped Orange is going to tell us about his five favourite bits of kit that he is going to...

Fight Light

Discounted Close Combat Load Carriage, Project Payne, Fight Light, and what it means to the average soldier. Written by Tom Cooper Fight light and Project Payne,...

Preparing a Map

So a map is a map right? Wrong! - possibly the worlds cheesiest stock photo There are a multitude of different maps all with different types and...