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Wacaco Minipresso NS


Like around about 100% of KitPests I start my day with coffee!  If you like your coffee, there are so many different types available, especially if you want to jump into the Military and Veteran coffee companies. Grab it here – Wacaco Minipresso

As for how to make your coffee out in the khuds, there are loads of different options from the Jetboil coffee press to the Aeropress and GSI Commuter Javapress.

All of these have something in common that puts me off.  Faff and mess!  I am a very lazy person.  I want my morning brew with the least amount of fuss as possible.  I achieve this at home by using a Nespresso machine.

With Nespresso you get the exact amount of coffee happily sealed away inside an aluminium pod to maintain it’s freshness.  Awesome!  If only I could take my Nespresso machine camping with me.

Enter the Wacaco Minipresso NS


It is made up of 3 parts.  The water reservoir, the pump and the cup.  Yep, it even has a little espresso cup as part of it.

To use it you drop a pod into the pump section, fill up the reservoir with hot water, attach it to the pump and then pump away to get your coffee fix! Couldn’t be simpler.

What about cleaning it I hear you cry… Very simple indeed.  Take out the pod, give it a little rinse, all done.  No coffee grounds to get rid of.  No filter papers. Nothing else to wash up at all.

“But it ties me to using Nespresso coffee pods so I can’t support my favourite Military/Veteran Coffee Brand”

Not so grasshopper!

One of the accessories you can get for this little gem are refillable capsules.  You can bomb them up before you go out and do yourself a replen when you’re somewhere nice and sheltered.

Other accessories include an extra large water tank and a sleek looking carry case to protect your precious caffeine maker!  I have both and they are great.


Weighing in at 350g this great bit of kit is designed specifically to use Nespresso coffee pods.  I have had “incidents” with carrying ground coffee before.  It has got wet, burst out of it’s packet into my bag and simply blown away while I’m trying to get a brew going.  Being able to use the pre-loaded pods is a dream.  I find this to be the most faff free way of making a decent coffee on the hills.

I also love it for business travelling.  It is no mystery that hotel room brew kit is gipping.  With my trusty minipresso I am assured of a good brew to set me up for the day and being saved from desperately trying to find the nearest Costa.


• Cost – £££££: Mine cost me £49.99 from Amazon, grab it here – Wacaco Minipresso
• Value for money 1-5: 5, yes, definitely worth forking out the money for.
• Ease of use 1-5: 5, Very simple, pod in add water and pump!
• Construction 1-5: 4, really well made and robust bit of kit.
• Allyness 1-5: 1, not Ally in the slightest.  But you’ll have a heavenly brew while they suck down instant shit, so will you really care?

Grab it here – Wacaco Minipresso

This Kit Pest Review was written by Ben O’Toole. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!